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February No Cavity Club Winners are: Cecily Marin of Westminster and Cora Weber of louisiville!


Touch A Truck 2011

Dr. Keaton Howe, Shaun and Tobin
Dr. Keaton Howe, Dr. Jon Boynton and Maggie May
Dr. Keaton Howe, Adriana, Dr. Nicole McNear, Sylvia and Meredith
Brodik and Meredith


Saving Money - Commitment to Quality


Did you say our dentist can actually save us money?

Saving Money – Commitment to Quality.  Our certified pediatric dentists at YDFC understand that high quality diagnosis will save our patients money.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment

YDFC understands that preventing decay is much less money than filling decay.  This is why we offer FREE initial exams at 18 months or younger.  Regular visits to the dentist every 6 months can catch decay before it needs a filling – thus, saving you money!  We attempt to avoid placing fillings by recalcifying decay that is small on baby teeth.  We also avoid fillings through understanding when a tooth will fall out.  If the tooth will fall out soon, there may be no need to spend money on the filling.

Do it right the first time

If we do need to fill your child’s tooth, we take every effort to make your child comfortable during the procedure including offering conscious sedations so your child is more relaxed.  Our highly trained doctors will place the fillings themselves.  Have you ever had to redo a filling that was placed by someone other than the doctor?  We will save you money and time by avoiding the hassle.  Visit our website www.youngdentistryforchildren.com to learn more about how to save money through preventing decay.


Fun Facts with Dr. Jill

Wisdom teeth are extra molars we needed back in caveman times, when our human jaws were larger. With a refined diet, human jaws have become smaller, making most jaws too small to accommodate wisdom teeth. As a result, most people need to have their wisdom teeth removed.

Around the Office

Brooklyn's 1st Visit to YDFC
Dr. Jill placing sealants on Nathan S