Dec 4 2018

Honoring Dr. Chris Willard

December 4th, 2018 | Posted By: Young Dentistry | Posted in News

Honoring Dr. Chris Willard


 Whether he was your dentist, a friend (or both), or you merely heard of his legendary persona somewhere along the line, you certainly feel the loss after Dr. Willard’s passing last month. Those lucky enough to cross paths with him knew him to be a rare gem.  Everyone will miss his love of the prank, his laughter, his generosity, his care. As I got to know him within the dental circle I soon realized how far-reaching his positivity and how magnetic his goodness. One couldn’t help but seek his company in a crowded room.

For those who attended his memorial celebration, you know how Dr. Willard’s dental practice will be maintained.  Years ago Dr. Willard told one of his four year old patients he would make a good dentist when he was older.  That same patient did become a dentist and now takes the helm of Dr. Willard’s practice.

We send heartfelt sympathy to the Willard family, his friends and staff. We are so grateful we experienced his magnificent spirit and hope to learn from all he came to teach.