Sep 11 2019

Prioritizing Patient Care

September 11th, 2019 | Posted By: Keaton Howe | Posted in News

Young Dentistry – Prioritizing Patient Care

Young Dentistry for Children prioritizes patient care over business management; the care and comfort of our patients will always be more important than the business of dentistry.  Doctor – ownership is one thing that sets Young Dentistry for Children apart from other practices. The doctors who treat your children will also make decisions to achieve the highest quality patient care for your family such as the highest quality dental filling materials, digital imaging to reduce radiation, and friendly pediatric-specialized staff.  Because these choices are made independent of their cost, they provide a longer lasting filling, less harm, and higher quality dentistry. We are proud to be doctor-owned, as opposed to being owned by a Capital or Hedge Fund that could prioritize the business of dentistry from behind a desk thousands of miles away.  

You may recall the 1980’s Pace Picante Sauce commercial in which a group of Cowboys is sitting around the fire eating salsa and chips when one discovers on the label where the salsa’s made.  All together, the Cowboys spit out or choke on their salsa exclaiming “New York City!?” Believe it or not, 16% of dental practices in 2019 are not owned by dentists, but rather by Fund managers making business decisions for their investors – maybe in high rises of New York City!  This is a recent trend that allows large businesses to run nation-wide dental practice chains to profit themselves and their investors. It is our policy to prioritize your child’s patient care beside them rather than for investors from behind a desk.