Dr. Jill Decker

Jill Decker, DDS

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

In her 3rd decade as a pediatric dentist at Young Dentistry for Children, Dr. Jill continues to experience the joys of treating children. Originally from the Rochester, NY area, she received her BA in Biology from the University of Rochester and her DDS from SUNY Buffalo. After completing a general practice residency at Denver Health Medical Center and her pediatric dental residency at The Children’s Hospital of Colorado, she made Denver her new home. She is board certified in pediatric dentistry and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. She donates dental services locally and abroad. Dr. Jill is a lover of music, nature, travel, books, yoga, soccer and her two wonderful teenage children.

Dr. Jill & soccer…

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Dr. Jill’s humanitarian trip to Guatemala with daughter Isabella.


Hey Kids, check this out!….

Can you imagine going to the dentist in a boat??  Take the time now to look at a map of the world, and locate the River Dulce, in northeast Guatemala. Let’s pretend that instead of being a Colorado Kid, you are a child growing up in a village along this river. For your dentist visit, you hop into a boat with many other children, and travel many miles down the river, until you arrive at the dental office. The trip might take one to three hours and along the way it likely rains heavily into your boat. This is the rainforest, after all, and there are thunderstorms several times a day! You are so excited to get to see the dentist because you don’t have a dentist in your town. You have to wait for dentists from other countries to come visit, maybe once a year, if you are lucky! Let’s hope you don’t have a toothache, because that’s a long time to wait if your mouth is bothering you!

After your boat arrives at the dental clinic, you get in a line to wait your turn.  Your clothes might feel soggy from the rain and you likely have no shoes, so your feet are muddy. While you wait, you peek through the windows of the dental office, to see other children having their teeth fixed.  You are a tiny bit nervous, especially since these dentists speak a different language than you do (and they sound funny, as they TRY to speak your Spanish language!), but you are reassured when you see all your friends, lying calmly in the chair, with their mouths open.

You are so proud of yourself after you have your teeth examined, filled, and cleaned!  What a treat to be one of the fortunate kids who got to see the dentist this time! And the best part is yet to come….. you are able to go shopping at the “store” that’s set up in the dental office!  You are first given a bag that contains a bowl, a fork, bath soap, a hairbrush, and a toothbrush, because you might not have any of these things at your hut, where you live. You will get to choose from so many shirts, pants and shoes that the AMAZING PATIENTS AT YOUNG DENTISTRY FOR CHILDREN sent to your village! You can tell all these items were given from people who really care about you!  What a fantastic feeling! Now you have clean and healthy teeth, new clothes, supplies for your house, and the knowledge that complete strangers want you to have something nice!

Now you are back to living in Colorado, which you know so well.  Wasn’t it fun to explore another part of the world and get a glimpse of the way some other children live? We are all, including the Guatemalan children, gifted in so many ways, and we can continue to be grateful for all our gifts!!

So I say.. THANK YOU for being our patients and for giving us the pleasure of helping you care for your teeth, right here in Colorado!  And endless appreciation for those who were able to contribute to this trip to Guatemala!

Dr. Jill Decker

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