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Why I love YDFC!


Why I love Young Dentistry is because the workers are nice and they have fun guessing games. Also, in the waiting room they have fun games finally, they have great prizes. Izzabella G. 3/13/2018

We love Young Dentistry for Childen. They are knowledgeable and communicate well. I trust them with my kids teeth.  I love that all 3 kids can be seen at the same time very quickly and efficiently. It's such a kid friendly office environment and the staff are so helpful, frindly and great with kids.  Lori J. 2/7/18

Dr. Decker is absolutely fantastic with both of my children!  And the front desk staff and billing is so nice and efficient! We love Young Dentistry and recommend it to as many people as we can! Jeannine R.  02/07/2018

Dr. Decker and her staff are amazing!  Friundly and efficient! We love coming to say hello! As a parent I appreciate the preventative advise ad welsoming atmosphere.  Laura B. 01/15/2018

Everyone is so incredibly friendly. So kind, respectful and gental with my son.  He loved it from xrays to cleaning. Thanks so much Young Dentistry.  Lindry H. 01/09/18

The staff is incredible! I can not express how amazing it was. All three of my kids were treated so well and quick. I will recommend this place to anyone.  Jenna K.  12/20/2017

Thank you.  Such a great visit for my son.  Joseph S.   12/15/2017

Dr. McNear truly cares about the health of my son.  The Dental Assistants are always so kind and understanding of little ones in the office who are scared.  Everyone here is great with kids!  Elaine C. 11/9/2017

This was the best exprience I have ever had with a dentist! Everyone was so nice and did such a great job.  Tammy, the hygienist, was excellent with my son.  He loved it so much he wants the dentist and hygienist to keep working on his teeth.  Dr. McNear did a good job of making us feel comfortable.  Great job explaining. Thank you.  Suzanne C. 9/19/2017

We absolutely love Dr. Decker. She is so amazing with kids.  My daughter will only come to Dr.Decker because she is nice & doesn't hurt her, is what my daughter says. Dr. Decker is even out of network, but she is so worth it! ;)  K. Romero  08/18/2017

Everyone is so nice and welcoming.  Everyone is patient with my daughter and so helpful! Y. Gonzales  08/17/2017

Everyone is great here! My boy's love coming here.  Dr. McNear is awesome! Wish she was my dentist when I was a child. Joyce M.  07/07/2017

Very patient and kind staff.  Linda at the front was teriffic! Carla did a great job explaining each element of the cleaning & x-rays. Dr. Decker was positive, reasuring and kept it fun for my son. A great Dentist office!  Rhonda P. 06/12/2017

My son loves visiting you guys! Going to the dentist is one of his favorite things to do. Thank you so much for making this such an amazing experience.  Amy H.  06/12/2017

The staff is nice!  My son Ian went to Dr. Decker and  Dr. Young as a child, was so glad to find  your new location so my grand kids can now go here. Always friendly, competent, and explains procedures!  Sherri P.  5/26/2017

I love young Dentistry.  They are compationate, caring and they go above and beyond to make my daughter comfortable. Dr. Jill Decker is an amazing, very educated dentist that will do the best for your child's needs.  My daughter is in love with the dentist now and wants to be one when she grows up.  I highly recommend their expertiese.  Laura L. 05/24/2017

We have been coming here for years and I absolutely love you guys! You are so caring and make my kids comfortable! Over the years you have treated us so good and my kids are always so excited for their check ups!  Erica S. 5/11/2017

First dental experience went well.  Lot's of fun, toys in the waiting area. Dr. Decker knowledgable and helpful. Hayley S. 3/10/17

Dr. Decker is talented, my 16yr old son has had past dental trama. She was able to talk him through. He was grateful after his experience here at Young Dentistry and so am I.  Crystal S. 2/23/17

 Having a daughter with autism and an intellectual disability presents challenges.  That coupled with medical trauma from multiple interventions sets us up as a very challenging case at the dentist office.  I have interacted with hundreds of peopledelivering medical services.  There is just a very special quality about Dr. Campbell that sets her apart from all of the rest in the medical field and that is her very special ability to gain trust and genuinely connect with a child that alleviates pressure and anxiety that can be part of an office visit.    Of course she is outstanding in her field and so therefore we feel like we've hit a home run with Dr. Campbell.  Thank you for being a game changer for my daughter and family.  We are ever so grateful!! Sandi R. 2/20/17

Miss Tammy and Dr. McNear were both very warm and nice, which made my son comfortable for his first appointment! We we're taken in quickly- also great with a 3 year old. Thank you! Caroline H. 2/6/17

Friendly & Professional! Truly care about the kids! Best Dentist Ever!!! We are so grateful to you all! 1/16/2017 A. Vigil

You guys are amazing at what you do! Everytime we come we love seeing all the happy faces! Cilvonna G  01/03/2017

I always look forward to getting my teeth cleaned. They are always kind and I'm never nervous. Young Dentistry is my favorite dental office.  Kim C.  11/22/2016

Mike loves his new mouthguard! Thank you Young Dentistry!!  Shannon K.  11/22/16

Dr. Decker is the best! The staff was able to see us and help us with short notice. Thank you so much! Christie Y. 10/20/2016

Everyone shows great patience! Kind, friendly and compassionate- every visit.  Heather A. 10/17/2016

My daughter said she only wants to come back here, because they were son good to her.  She didn't feel any pain, and they were fast.  Also they have cool toys. Dee M.  09/02/2016

Dr. Decker and her staff are so wonderful.  They are so great with my very shy daughter.  They make her feel at ease and ready to get her teeth checked.  Always helful and nice. Julie N.  09/02/2016

Is getting my teeth fixed and to make sure my teeth are ok.  They also make sure that nothing is bad in my mouth. Leoni M. 8/31/2016

Dr. McNear is gentle yet firm with the kids in how she describes keeping teeth clean. Brushing twice a day and correctly flossing keep the dentist a non-scary place to come. :)   Lisa D.  07/05/2016

Best staff ever!  Kimberly M. 06/28/2016

Dr. Howe is awesome! Super patients and knowledgable. Staff is very friendly too!   Mei L. 06/29/2016

The staff is really friendly.  My son loves going to the dentist.  Amanda M.  6/7/16

I took my kids to multiple Dentists offices in an effort to find a dentist that was patient and kind to all my children.  Every other dentist we went to was easily frustrated by my childrens nervousness, which caused our dental appointments to be scary to my kids.  Young Dentistry has been wonderful.  Dr. Decker is a fantasticc Dentist and always claming to my children.  I recommend them to all my frinds & associates.  Loretta M.  05/19/2016

 Dr. Campbell is the best dentist.  Her bedside manor and her demeanor is amazing.  Isabella had four tooth bugs for almost a year.  We went to two other dentists and they were unable to fix them.  Isabella has four new beautiful front top teeth.  Her smile is going to be as pretty as she is.  Thank you to Dr. Campbell and her wonderful staff. Jody L.  5/17/2016

Why do I (we) love Dr. Jill and all the ladies at Young Dentistry?.... Well they are kind!! They are patient!! Dr. Jill spoke in a way that my son could understand, He  felt good, really really good about taking care of his teeth.  I wish every child could have Dr. Jill and Young Dentisty care.  From walking in to making the next appoinment and everything in between, THEY ARE WONDERFUL!! Oh and least I forget... They also helped to make sense of the insurance and payments which helped ease the stress for me (mama :)  )    Jennifer J.  5/11/2016

Dr. Jill and the staff are awesome!  Chris A.  4/28/2016

The staff is wonderful.  So kind and gentle my son has never been nervous.  He thinks it's a treat to visit Dr. Nicole.  We are so lucky to have found Young Dentistry.  Anna G. 4/28/2016

You guys were amazing! Thank you so much for all your help. John and Katie O. 4/28/2016

Tammy is the best dental assistant ever! Love the staff here, they are all so wonderful, helpful, and make my kids feel special every time.  Theo & Tara G.  4/26/2016

My children have never been worried about a visit to the dentist! The staff are great, and we love Dr. Howe.  I am able to get all 3 kids seen at the same time, which is a great help to me.  Thank you all!  Melissa S.  4/6/16

Oh my gosh! What a great experience! The staff and doctors were so friendly, knowledgeable and professional.  We were so nervous that Aaron would have a bad experience and he had just the opposite! I would 100% recommend Young Dentistry for Children!  Craig S. 2/5/2016

I love Young Dentistry, because my dentist is awesome & nice & funny! and I love getting my teeth clean! Julie H. 1/28/2016

Nobody gets upset when my kids are totally uncooperative! Karen S. 1/11/2016

Awesome with calming down nervous children. Great staff teamwork. Jason M. 11/4/2015

Thank you Dr. McNear, we had a great visit.  Evan G. 9/18/2015

We love Dr. Decker! Thank you for making my childrens dental experience a wonderful one. My daughter Hannah always says "I'm so glad Dr. Jill Decker is my dentist! I love her!".  Marnie E. 09/02/5015

Very helpful with answering questions, and giving information.  Dr. McNear was very kind with Milo, and helpful. Cara 8/21/15

We had such a great first experience here! I never thought Pediatric dentistry was necessary, but I have changed my mind.  Thank you for your knowledge, kindness and attentiveness Dr. Mcnear! Heater C. 8/1/2015

Love love love it, they got me in fast and easy.  Love the environment here.  This will be our new primary dentist. S. Florez 7/27/15

Dr. Decker and the staff at Young Dentistry are very caring and accommodating. We have been with them for several years. They are great with the young and the older kids. Kelly S. 07/16/2015

They are so welcoming and excellent with kids. Always on time, very clean and great with the parents. Explains everything very well. Tara R. 7/10/2015

This place is awesome! Everyone is positive, happy, helpful and professional. My girls (and I) love Dr. Campbell and her staff!   Carrie D.  07/09/2015

Your flexibility, patience and accommodations are incredible. Every single person here is sweet, kind and friendly- we will never go elsewhere!  Thank you all Young Dentistry players- Good Game!  Rachel C.  07/06/2015

Thank you very much for the great job Dr. Nicole, my son is doing wonderful with his teeth.  Safa B.  06/22/15 

I love Young Dentistry for Children because they keep my teeth clean in a fun, new and exciting way. I always look forward to their kind attitudes making my visit that much better each time.  Thanks!! ;)  Terri S.  06/18/2015

My kids have never been so at -ease in any type of dental or medical office.  Your staff is amazing!! Thank you! Kristen S. 6/15/15

Dr. Jill always starts our appointments on time! I LOVE THAT!  Jill C. 06/04/2015

Belinda Campbell & her team are excellant! They make oral hygiene fun and comfortable. Thanks! Robyn N. 6/1/15

Everyone was absolutely incredible with Rio who got a crown! and no tears! WOW, thank you so much for caring so much. Great experience. Trevor D.  5/12/2015

The care and parience with which Dr. Campbell and her staff have with our 5 yr old is amazing. Ella had a bad experience with a dentist beore moving here, Dr. Campbell and her team turned Ella around from being scared of the dentist to asking when she can go next. I couln't be more grateful!   Heather S.  5/12/2015

Thank you to everyone who helped Dax feel better, you were all so wonderful and caring & we wil be back! Nicole P. 4/24/15

Dr. Howe is the nicest dentist ever! Heather K. 3/17/2015

Thanks for being so positive and Silly!! Lauren B.  3/13/2015

Great place for kids. Dr. Decker and all the staff (starting with Mariah at the reception) are the best. Very kind, very professional. A+ for this dentistry office!  Giselle B. 02/11/2015

Wish I had a dentist office with a warm and welcoming feeling when I was a child. Thank you for your patience all of the staff!  Ilysa C. 01/13/2015

It was great- the dentist and tech were so kind to Edward. Brook Z. 1/14/2015

The staff are always friendly and quick, they put my children at ease.  My kids actually get excited to go to the dentist! Elisa P. 1/2/15

They were so patient with my 7 year old, when they were taking his x-rays and during his exam. It was so amazing! Virgina B. 12/22/2014

Dr. Campbell and all of her staff are amazing.  All of that staff seem to have a genuine love for kids, and feel like they genuinely care. I have never been in any other Dr's office where I feel, and my kids are treated, so valued. Heather P.  11/12/2014

Dr. Jill is extreamly gentle and so wonderful for both of my kids. She explained everything she  was doing to both of my children and me throughout the process.  She is personable and so caring and so is her staff.  Maura D. 10/17/2014

Dr. Jill and all the staff at Young Dentistry go above and beyond to make your child feel comfortable.  What a calm, compassionate environment! Kristy O.  10/21/2014

Dr. Decker explains every step in a way my son understands.  She stays focused on the positive and gives him things to think about and imagine, which focuses his attention in a positive way on something other than discomfort.  Most of all instead of telling him don't wiggle, don't move, she gives him ideas of what to do instead - breath all the way into his belly, hide his hands behind his back, etc.  The entire experience is efficient, clear, and POSITIVE.  Jenelle W.  10/16/2014

We love Young Dentistry so much! I feel so safe with Dr. McNear.  She is very positive and encouraging to my son.  We moved all the way to Lakewood and I will continue to drive this just to see her! ;)  We love her! Katie O.  10/13/2014 

Dr. McNear and Pkay were so patient and made our first time visit fun for my 2 year old! Angela B. 10/13/2014

The appointments always run on time and are efficient.  Dr. McNear is always very patient with informing the child in what to expect.  She also takes the time to explain to the parents and allows time to answer any questions.  Lastly, it is always so nice to have a follow up call made the following day or two. Everyone is so nice! I recommend friends with kids here all the time! Thank you! Diane J.   10/09/2014

"My daughter does not throw a fit to come here.  She loves it".  Which means I love it! Melody S. 10/03/2014

Kind, gentle and caring!! My kids enjoy coming. Thank you!  Misty E. 10/03/2014

Awesome, friendly, helpful, patient staff - great waiting area,rewards for kids- fun, inviting environment and the doctor was very helpful, patient, informative- excellent overall!!  Thank you!!!!  Beth P.  09/19/2014

We absolutely love Dr. Decker. Thank you so much for making our experience here super special! Very relaxing and top notch kid friendly ;) We will be back for years!  Tonya E. 09/18/2014

It was nice and informative visit. Dr. Decker was really good with Ruhani and took care of all my concerns. It was all good.                     Rachit B. 8/19/14

My kids (despite pulled teeth,shaved teeth and fillings) LOVE trips to the dentist! I have been asked a few times by my kids "when do we get to go back to the dentist?" This is a huge compliment to Dr. Decker and the staff at Young Dentistry. Thank you! Becky K. 8/19/14

What an amazing experience! The staff at Young Dentistry are wonderful! They treated my 4 yr old with loving, kind and patient approach that I'm certain he would not have received with our regular family dentist, and we both had a great time at the dentist office!!! I would recommend them to anyone, with children of any age. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!  Michelle T. 8/15/2014

Dr. Campbell and her team are amazing! Thank you for making dentistry easy for all of us.  Karen S. 8/15/2014

Dr. Decker patient: "Experience was great , very knowledgable".  Tia Y. 8/14/2014

Friengly and professional staff!  Amy M.  8/12/2014

Everyone is so helpful and kind, and JT made it so easy to get scheduled and get all the help we needed. Thank you so much, we highly recommend Dr. McNear and Young Dentistry. Kelly T.  8/11/2014

Dr. Jill easy, fun and professional. Ryan W. 8/11/2014

Dr. Howe is awesome! We love coming here and the staff is caring and efficient. Thank you! Traci H. 8/11/2014

Dr. McNear did a great job explaining everything.  Shawn F. 8/8/2014

Awesome service! Everyone was kind and patient and professional. Great Find!  Daniel P. 8/7/2014

Dr. Nicloe McNear was wonderful with my 7 year old and made him feel very safe and comfortable during our 1st experience with Young Dentistry.  In addition every person we delt with was friendly, helpful and personable.  We have decided to have our son continue his check-ups here! Ginger M.  08/04/2014

Dr. Campbell is wonderful and attentive with our children.  She truly cares and  it shows in how she interacts with children.  Thank you Dr. Campbell and Staff!  Vickie B.  08/01/2014

Dr. Campbell and Miss Cherise made Bella feel extreamely comfortable and eased her and mommy's fears of the dentist (based off of previous terrible experience elsewhere). The entire staff is friendly, happy, and work  so well with children. I'll never take Bella to another dentist/office/ etc. and am 1000% satisfied!! Big kudos! "She was nice and told me everything she was going to do.  I love that it didn't hurt and the prizes". Bella age 6.  Maureen G.  07/23/2014

The staff was all very helpful and considerate.  Dr. Campbell was very good with Silas, answered all of my questions and provided useful information that was relevent to my child.  Lauren was great too! Thank you!  Julie S.  7/18/2014

The office is very clean.  Staff are all very welcoming, professional, and really made our little guys first appointment go well! Thank you see you soon.  Hannah C.  07/17/2014

Pkay did such a great job with Eva the other day. Eva was really scared of the dentist after she got a crown last year.  After this time, Eva said the dentist was really fun and she really liked the "first-dentist" aka the hygienest (Pkay). Eva went on and on about her!                           J. Moore 07/16/2014

Awesome experience! The staff was wonderful with Tyler and made him feel comfortable in a new environment.  Dr. Nicole McNear was very gentle and did a great job with explaining details to me.  Thank you very much for your efforts to make this a positive experience for us!    Kelly S.  7/10/2014

Great experience! Thanks for taking the time to explain everything to my worried 5 yr old.  Lisa T. 7/7/2014

Thank you for meeting with Andrew today.  As a parent I appreciated the flexibility with Drew. Great information provided and a safe practical environment for Drew.  The information from Dr. Campbell was very helpful. Thank you for the bag of great dental products.         K. Sullivan  7/2/2014

Your awesome as usual! So great with the kids.  Make them feel so comfortable and at home! You explain everything so well to both the kids and the parents.  Makes us want to come back! Thanks for the gifts!  Kourtney W.  6/23/14

Dr. Campbell is so nice! She relates well to the kids and parents, understands concerns and makes everyone feel comfertable.  We are happy to see her when we come in to the office.  Randi L.  6/23/14

Dr. Campbell was thoughtful and kind. Makes it so much easier for the little ones! Rachel B.  06/16/2014

Dr. Campbell is an excellant addition to your already outstanding team!   Karen S. 6/13/14

Dr. Campbell was really excellant with Hope and explained everything really well. The dental assistant started everything off right and was friendly too.  Rae Ann A. 6/11/14

Dr. Campbell was awesome with our little girl- who was alittle nervous. She put her at ease and even got some smiles! Awesome experience!  Kristel B. 6/10/14

Great Job making my 2.5 year old feel comfortable.  Lauren was good at explaining everything. Dr. Campbell was good at explaining the thumb sucking options.  Catie G.  6/10/14

Thanks for listening to what we wanted and for being patient.  Usha B. 5/30/14

Dr. Campbell is wonderful.  She makes my son very comfortable.  He leaves Young Dentistry with a smile and is always so excited to come back.  I can't say enough about the entire staff. Everyone is very welcoming, warm and professional. Rachel G. 05/20/14

We had a great appointment with Dr. Campbell today. My daughter had some sealants done and it was quick and easy. Dr. Campbell explained everything she was doing in a way that my daughter understood. Thanks for the great service! Emily R. 05/20/14

Dr. Howe is a great dentist. He is patient and takes great care of my kids. I would recommend him to anyone. Melissa H. 5/15/14

We love our time with Dr. Campbell, very kind and a great communicator! Crissy C. 5/5/2014

The Doctors were very friendly and my son did a great job! They made my son feel comfortable and he seemed to enjoy his check-up! Jennifer G.  06/12/2014

I was very happy with the way my child was treated, the attention was exceptional and the communication was always clear and curteous.  Thank you very much for helping David have a beautiful happy smile.  Dr. Decker was wonderful! :) Erika D. 5/23/2014

My children have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Decker and the staff at Young Dentistry.  Dr. Decker is a warm, friendly and compassionate dentist that truly cares for her patients! My children enjoy coming to the dentist! Thanks Dr. Decker! Kate M. 5/22/14

Very nice open office - good light! :) Dr. Campbell was great with me and my kids. Fun, knowledgable, good "bed-side" manner.  Looking forward to returning! :)  Robin F. 04/22/2014

Everyone is so nice! Dr. Campbell always takes the time to talk to my two kids.  She makes sure they are comfortable and makes everything fun.  My kids love to come to the dentitst. She took amazing care of my toddler before, during, and after he had dental surgery.  Thanks to everyone who works with Dr. Campbell.  Jessica J. 04/18/2014

Dr. Howe is just a nice guy! You never feel pressured into a prosedure. He's great with the kids! Suzi A. 3/19/2014

My son's love this place! 1st visit was a huge sucess ( 2.5 yrs) - Nicole and tammy were great! Robert H.  03/18/2014

The staff is super patient with the little ones and so willing to explain every procedure.  They make coming to the dentist fun! Thank you Dr. McNear!   Teresa G.  03/12/2014

They have such a great customer service and emergency hotline.  They always make you feel like family. They are the best!        Bernadette D.   03/10/2014

I love the personalized feedback on treatment plans and diagnosis.  Joanna C. 03/07/2014

Dr. Belinda Campbell and the entire staff at Young Dentistry are wonderful.  they are warm and welcoming, and explain/demonstrate everything in terms my 2 yr old can understand.  My child actually enjoyes visiting the dentist and comes away with big smiles.                      Heather L. 03/07/20014

We love Dr. Keaton Howe! We wouldn't  see any other Doctor - he's the best!   Tony R. 03/05/2014

We like the kid friendly environment. The nice staff. The treasures - the clean facility.  Jennifer H. 03/05/2014

Everyone is very friendly here and Nathan is very comfortable with everybody! We look forward to coming to his dental appointments very much!  Kristyn S. 03/03/2014

Dr. Campbell is nice. She was also fast which is nice also.  Jane H. 02/03/2014

Dr. Kretsch is a great dentist. The staff is always helpful and friendly. I've always been happy with my kids dental treatments.             Nicole D. 2/3/14

Great staff. Everyone works well with the kids.  Able to accomodate all three of our kids at the same time, which is great for us.! Very knowledgable and communicates what is going on and things to look out for.  Phil H. 02/04/2014

Thank you helping us entertain our twins on their first visit! Lisa K. 02/04/2014

Always explains things and really good with the girls!  Angel G. 02/06/2014

Dr. Campbell is awesome! We switched from our regular dentist to Dr. Campbell, because our first experience with her was very informative and attentive.  I love how she is with my kids!  Allyson I. 02/07/2014

Dr. Howe's patients "really great with the kids!"  Joel B.  02/07/2014

I was so please with the service by the dentist and assistants, so courteous and pleasant, especially for a two year old, made the experience so easy.  Jennifer C. 02/07/14

We were late for our appointment and the office as nice to see us anyway. Ploite staff and doctors. Clean. Offered to us a complimentary exam for toddler under 18 mos which was very nice.  Will definately recommend to my friends.  Elena B. 02/11/14

I appreciate the dental hygienest training and patience with children,  you do excellant work! I always feel my children are well cared for. Thank you Dr. Kretsch for an awesome practice. We appreciate you.  Michelle W. 02/11/14

Friendly clean environment! We love the staff & they treat my child like their own.  Jaclyn H.  02/11/14

Very patient with kids- resonable with care and very knowledgable. Amanda D. 02/17/2014

You know its a special place when the kids look forward to the Dentist. Belinda is reat with the kids and also very thorough in her care and explanations . Thank you!  Julia P. 02/21/14

Becaue the dentists are nice!  Zoe P. 02/24/2014

Dr. Campbell is so approachable.  She is also non judgemental and easy to talk too.  Kara J. 02/21/14

They know exactly how to treat little kids. Skylar is always happy once we're done. At home she says she loves the dentist.                   Steve W. 1/31/14

My kids love coming to see Dr. Campbell and the staff.  Great bedside manner! The hygienest are super sweet too! Sarah S. 1/29/14

Everyone is so nice and patient with my kids. They actually love coming to the dentist. They always take time with us and explain things well. We love it.   Brandi S.  01/31/14

They make any procedure very simple, and they are super nice and funny.  They always want to do what is best for you. :)                       Jane & Gracen W. 01/29/14

This was our first fisit. The kids were well taken care off and excited to come again,  Angela W.  01/31/14

Great toys in the waiting room. Dr. Campbell was very patient and explained everything well. toy was a bonus! Kristin F. 01/29/14

We had an amazing experience with a major dental crisis on Sunday. thank you for your fast action and expert work Dr. Keretsch and Michelle.  Susan P. 1/28/14

Dr. McNear does a great job of educating me about my childrens dental health.  Jennifer B. 01/27/14

We love Young Dentistry because Dr. Howe and  Dr. Campbell are fabulous, and the staff are so friendly and helpful. Thank you for your great service!  Cathleen T. 01/20/14

We love Young Dentistry because the people are delightful and the visits are efficient!  Ed  01/28/14

I love Young Dentistry because theyare so good with my kids - patient, and kind- and they explain everything so well to both the kids and me! " I love Young Dentistry because Dr. Kretsch is nice!  Sarah and Eli H. 1/27/14

Friendly, knowledgable, great with kids!  Erin R. 01/27/14

Dr. Campbell talks directly to my kiddos. She has done alot of work on their teeth and has made the experience as pleasant as possible. She treats the girls with respect, not just "loke a kid"!. :)  Melissa L. 1/20/14

My children were always very anxious about going to the dentist and now aftera few visits with Dr. Nicole and the wonderful team at Young Dentistry it is no longer a struggle.  they even smile and laugh when they are having an exam. Thank you. Jennifer J. 1/27/14

We love Dr. Nicole! And the whole staff!  So friendly and great with the kids.  Perfect dental care, so happy to have my girls be patients here.  Michelle D.  1/27/14

This office always makes my girls feel so comfortable.  They enjoy coming in and know how to make the girls happy.  The Dr. talks their talk and explains everything , which has earned my girls trust- a hugh  thing for a 5 and 7 year olds!! Thank you. Shilo F. 1/22/14

We had a great experience! Dr. Campbell and staff were so nice, calm and thorough. My 6 year old had her tooth pulled today.  We couldn't have asked for a more pleasent experience.  We were referred here by our general dentist and I am so glad we came.