Feb 4 2020

When you receive different opinions about your child’s teeth:

February 4th, 2020 | Posted By: Jill Decker | Posted in News

Perhaps it’s surprising that sometimes there’s more than one treatment approach to a child’s dental needs. Whether the question involves restoring a baby tooth versus allowing it to fall out, if baby teeth should be removed to create more space or if orthodontic care should begin now or later, obtaining what appears to be conflicting information can create confusion as parents try to make good decisions.

One common variation in treatment approach is among the different dental specialists. As it relates to children’s dental care, pediatric dentists often have unique treatment recommendations based on advanced dental training and exclusive experience with a pediatric population. As we always encourage second opinions if parents are unsure of the recommended treatment, we stress obtaining the opinion from another pediatric dental specialist.

Communication is the key element for wise decision making. Obtain the necessary information when treatment recommendations are made. Make sure the dentist is clearly reviewing the following: what treatment is needed and why, what, if any, options are available, and what are the pros and cons of each option.

As always, our dentists are available for phone consults and to answer any questions that may arise after the dental appointment has ended. A trusting relationship is our goal as we give our best to care to your children.