Aug 1 2018


August 1st, 2018 | Posted By: Young Dentistry | Posted in Frequently Asked Questions, Prevention, Teething to Wisdom Teeth

Teeth Whitening

Deciding if (and when) to whiten teeth is a common conversation in our office. With a variety of bleaching products on the market, confusion arises as to which product could be more effective and appropriate for adolescent use. There are known potential side effects of tooth whitening/bleaching.  The most common concerns are tooth hypersensitivity which can occur more frequently in younger children whose permanent teeth are relatively new.  Tissue irritation may also occur if the material leaks onto the gums. Various circumstances, such as developmental staining below the enamel surface and existing restorations, also affect the whitening outcome, making critical the judicious use of these products. If your child is asking about whitening, please consult one of our dentists to determine the best timing and bleaching method.

Jill Decker, DDS