Apr 1 2019

“Why haven’t I lost any teeth yet?

April 1st, 2019 | Posted By: Young Dentistry | Posted in Common Conditions, Emergency Conditions, First Birthday, First Dental Visit, Frequently Asked Questions

The first question posed to me by my friend’s seven year old son was “Why haven’t I lost my first tooth?” He began to list all his classmates, especially girls, who have had many visits from the Tooth Fairy.

We pediatric dentists frequently encounter this scenario and reassure patients and parents of the following:  Although the average age of first tooth loss in 6, the wide range encompasses 4-8 year olds. Often girls lose their teeth sooner than boys (making sibling comparisons more notable). Losing teeth at an older age is often beneficial because a child’s mouth has undergone additional growth (the mouth is larger) and better able to accommodate the much larger adult teeth.  Particularly when a child’s teeth are crowded, losing teeth at an older age is helpful.

If your child is concerned he/she has not yet lost a tooth, please reassure them it can be a good thing to lose the tooth at a later age. The Tooth Fairy doesn’t mind waiting!

Jill Decker, DDS