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All About Eastlake Colorado

Eastlake, CO is a notable town that shares the boundaries with the vast East Lake Nature Preserve. The town was established on June 22, 1911, and was built along the Union Pacific Railroad.  Eastlake was equipped with a small train depot for passenger and freight transportation up north.  Today that train depot still stands and in 2010 was added to the Colorado State Register and National Register of Historic Places.  Eastlake was incorporated into Thornton in 1990.

Living in Eastlake

Young Dentistry for Children’s pediatric dentists love working with people from Eastlake.  Eastlake is a peaceful suburban neighborhood located in the north of Thornton.  Eastlakers are, more often than not, outdoorsy animal lovers that enjoy hiking the trails and getting lost in the numerous parks the area has to offer.  The area of Eastlake is full of young diverse families that have a high community value and a great appreciation of the Denver Broncos, of course.  

Young Dentistry for Children and You

Young Dentistry for Children is the best Pediatric Dentist in Eastlake due to their continued pledge to care for your child throughout their developing life.  Our pediatric dentists understand the anxiety children may have before an upcoming visit.  They know the importance of a familiar face.  Therefore, our pediatric dentists stay active members in the community.  They are your neighbors and strive to provide the best care for your children, regardless of your child’s difficulties.  Our pediatric dentists go the extra mile to ensure the best medical procedures and coordinate with your child’s other medical providers to ensure overall well-being and safety.

Young Dentistry for Children has considerable experience treating pediatric dental emergencies.  Dental emergencies are always distressing for both children and parents but are also very common.  It isn’t much of a surprise considering the active lives kids enjoy.  The first priority in emergency pediatric dentistry is to reduce oral pain caused by toothaches, abscesses, or trauma. Once that pain is managed, the pediatric dentist can then move on to restoring the tooth or treating the source of the pain. Comfort and relaxation are always a top priority.  All of our pediatric dentists maintain hospital privileges at The Children’s Hospital of Colorado, in case general anesthesia is necessary. In-office treatment includes the use of nitrous oxide and oxygen (“laughing gas”), to maximize patient comfort.

Eastlake Park & Nature Preserve near Young Dentistry for Children

Eastlake Park & Nature Preserve is a mere 7 minutes drive from Young Dentistry for Children and tucked away in a quiet suburban area.  This lake may be small, but it is an oasis for wildlife,  which makes it especially popular among local bird watchers.  The Nature Trail is a 1.7-mile-long loop that is perfect for all skill levels.  Well-kept boardwalks pass through wet cattail marshes that many birds call home.  The trail is primarily used for walking and running but is especially a favorite of kids and their four-legged friends.  Be careful, all dogs must be kept on a leash!  In addition, there are also two playgrounds and basketball courts.  The Eastlake Park and Nature Preserve gives a sense of being in the rural country, while still being smack dab in the middle of the city. It is well worth visiting, particularly in autumn when the trees and grasses turn to their golden hues. 

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