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...WHY is this the recommendation of all the major dental academies?

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*Prevalence: Dental caries (decay) is the most chronic disease in children (5 times more common than asthma).

*Prevention:Dental Decay is preventable and transmissible.

*Trauma:A "Dental Home" is needed in times of an acute oral injury.

*Cost: Children who begin dental visits at 1-2 years old are 60% the cost for children who begin dental visits at 4-5 years old.


NEW FOR 2016


The doctors of Young Dentistry for Children have recently achieved Academy of Laser Dentistry Standard Professional Certification.  The ALD is an international organization with members in every state of the USA and over 50 countries. They are committed to teaching the safe, effective use of lasers in dental practice.  The laser allows the following in-office procedures: Correction of lip and tongue tie, gingivectomy, uncovering of teeth and the removal of excess tissue on molars.  

The advantages of lasers include:

*  less need for antibiotics or pain medications

*   less post-operative discomfort

*   faster procedures

*   less bleeding

*   less need for suture placement

Although ALD Certification is not mandatory in the state of Colorado, we have decided to proactively attain this certification in order to give you, our patients, the best possible atraumatic 21st Century dental care. 



Tired of dealing with insurance chaos?

Ask about payment options available through our new in-house "Concierge Service."  Whether you have insurance, are about to change insurance, or simply want to explore all your options, we are here to help!

*******Please call Miranda at 303-643-5501 for more details*******



BONUS: initial examination for children 18 months and younger are complimentary at 

Young Dentistry for Children.

First Birthday Dental Visit Coupon. The initial Exam for Children 18 Months and Younger is Free!

Dr.'s Keaton Howe, Belinda Campbell, Nicole McNear and Jill Decker welcome you to our pediatric dental practice!

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Celebrating over 25 years in practice!

Thank you for discovering the pediatric dental practice of Young Dentistry for Children.  Since 1987,our board-certified pediatric dentists have been providing the highest quality dental care to Erie, Boulder, Northglenn, Westminster, Louisville, Thornton, Brighton, Superior, Longmont, and the surrounding communities of Northwest Denver.  Without question, we are proud to offer you the highest quality of dental care including continuity of care, parent accessibility into the treatment area, exceptional facilities, a personal insurance liaison and "neighborhood" dentists who live and reside in your community. 

Continuity of Care- Wouldn't it be great to trust and ask questions to the same dentist for years to come?  We have four  friendly pediatric dentists who have collectively worked at Young Dentistry for 41 years! From your child's first FREE exam before 18 months old to their "graduation visit" at 18 years old, your child will see the same smiling faces and, over time, they will develop trust, respect, and (believe it or not) an eagerness to return to the dentist.  Our goal is to intervene early to improve diet and oral hygiene. If we can prevent cavities before they develop, we can save money by preventing decay and avoiding unnecessary fillings.
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Parent Accessibility- We understand that parents can be an integral part of a child's dental health.  We don't have any "closed doors".  Come back with your child- drink a cup of coffee on our sofa, and listen to our doctors carefully review your child's personal oral hygiene needs.   You will have access to our doctors at every visit- sit down with your doctor and understand their recommendations as they outline a personal strategy for your child's decay prevention and treatment.

Exceptional, Facilities- Belief in a brighter future can begin here.  From the ultra-clean offices to the solar cells on the Louisville office roof, to our low radiation digital imaging, to our BPA free white fillings and sealant materials; we believe that we can make a positive change.  Let us brighten your child's future by allowing our gentle pediatric dentists to provide compassionate, personal dental care for them.

Personal Insurance Liaison- Are you confused about your dental coverage? You are not alone.  We will provide a personal insurance specialist to you who can research your insurance and answer your dental insurance needs.  Sometimes even "out of network" insurances provide high levels of coverage in addition to the high quality of care your child will receive.operatory side view

Neighborhood dentists- Young Dentistry for Children is owned and operated by the family of dentists that you see at your child's appointment.  Rather than being owned by a businessman in New York City, we are your neighbor.  All of our doctors lead family lives and live locally.  Lastly, there are no silly questions and we are available 24 hours a day to assist with your child's dental emergencies.

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Our team of Pediatric Dentists do educational speaking presentations for special groups!

Please contact:

Dawn Dennison at [email protected], if you would like to have one of our doctors at your event!



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