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All About Longmont, CO

To look at Longmont Colorado today, you wouldn’t imagine the vast history that preceded it.  For thousands of years, Native American tribes moved through the lands planting crops in the dry but rich soil and tracking the huge buffalo herds across the plains. The first Europeans to come were explorers, trappers, traders, and miners. Longmont gets its name from Longs Peak, one of the “14-ers” of the Rocky Mountain range, clearly visible from almost any spot in the city. This majestic Longs Peak was named in honor of the U.S. Army explorer Stephen Harriman Long.  

In the 1870s, a group of men decided to start a new town in the area and sold memberships to this town that was at the time called the “Chicago-Colorado Colony”.  The town was meticulously planned by the men.  Settlers arrived from all over the world bringing with them the lumber and materials needed to construct their homes.  By 1871 they had built a small town and named it “Longmont” in honor of the aforementioned Longs Peak.  Irrigation was created and an agricultural community flourished.  Soon after in 1877, the Colorado Central Railroad line arrived northward from Boulder, and the rest is history. 


Living In Longmont, CO

Today Longmont is a diverse and multicultural community with a small-town feel and a big personality.  The city of Longmont is forward-thinking and promotes environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social equity.  Everyone is encouraged to be involved in all aspects of city government.  Residents’ engagement in the community is crucial for thriving in Longmont. 


Downtown Longmont is a picturesque and flourishing historical town.  Main Street is overflowing with coffee shops and restaurants. There are plenty of quaint boutiques with a myriad of local arts and cultural activities that everyone can enjoy.  A paradise for foodies, Longmont has a history of cheese making, hosts growers-only outdoor farmer’s markets, and has innumerable craft breweries and distilleries. There is even a cheese-making school.  And to add to all of that, there is ample outdoor recreation with three golf courses, hiking and cycling paths, skydiving, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking on Union Reservoir.  Longmont is an obvious choice of athletes and food lovers alike.  


Residents from Longmont are passionate about their city.  They love their neighborhoods and want people to know it is an incredible place to visit.  Longmont is a destination that should definitely not be passed up.  One of the many devoted members is their very own pediatric dentist, Dr. Jill Decker.  Dr. Jill, who is a pediatric dentist at Young Dentistry for Children in Westminster, has lived and been a supporter of the Longmont community for twenty years.  She shares the locals’ passion for her town and wants to spread the word.


Words from pediatric dentist Dr. Jill Decker:   


In an effort to support locally owned businesses, I wanted to share a few highlights from my stomping grounds of Main St. in Old Town Longmont, a short drive from both the Westminster and Louisville offices. No matter where you live, the friendly greeting of a familiar hometown shop owner always creates a warmth and joy that, as far as retail goes, just feels really good!


As avid readers, my children grew up spending much of their time among the shelves of  Barbed Wire Bookstore. A consignment-based shop, they keep track of patrons’ trade-in accounts, which can build surprisingly quickly! My kids loved to “save up” for whatever book was next on their list and would deduct its cost from the balance on their accounts. The store contains both new and used books for children, tweens, and adults, as well as gifts, greeting cards, and literature-inspired t-shirts (think Harry Potter themes)!  I just asked my soon-to-be 18-year-old what he wants for his birthday, and “A Barbed Wire gift card” came out without any thought at all!  


Brown’s Shoes: There’s something about walking into a store lined with fashionable, quality shoes and boots and being helped by attentive (but low pressure) staff that knows its business. Not to mention getting to try on each item, to ensure a perfect fit. There’s a well-stocked sale rack in the back of the store and beautiful accessories throughout. The loyalty program includes discounts after a number of purchases and a 20% coupon during your birthday month. I love October…  


Unique gifts inspired by an owner with great taste is what can be found at Adorn and its children’s counterpart, Adornables, located in the same space. Interesting and beautiful items for the home, jewelry, Colorado novelties, holiday themes, puzzles, toys, and baby clothes have for years made it a no-fail place to pick up a treasure someone (maybe yourself) will just love.   


Old Town Outfitters is the local alternative for name-brand outdoor and streetwear. Seasonally rotated and up to the minute, trends are included in the selections, as well as a daily sidewalk sale containing great bargains. It’s the perfect place to pick up clothes and accessories embossed with our iconic Colorado flag and every time guests from out of state come to visit we have to make a trip to this store for them to stock up. This is yet another place that rewards frequent shoppers with discounts after a certain number of purchases. That’s a really nice surprise when you’re at the checkout counter and not expecting it!