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All About Northglenn, Colorado

Northglenn is located nine miles north of Denver, Colorado. It began as a 280 acre planned subdivision in the spring of 1959.  The plans for this new community included a golf course, several schools, a fire station, a dozen churches, and numerous parks to be centered around a shopping complex.  By the summer of 1959, five-show homes were finished and visited by more than 15,000 people. In October 1962, this new development grew to have 3,000 homes and later received national recognition as “The most perfectly planned community in America” by Life magazine and the National Association of Home Builders in 1961. 

Living in Northglenn Colorado

Northglenn has a safe and small-town quality that families adore.  The cost of living is relatively low, with good job opportunities in the area.  Recreation and culture are of huge importance to the community, which becomes clear by the number of well-kept parks in the area.  Public transportation is very accessible and allows discounts to students, the disabled, and to senior citizens.  Overall, Northglenn is a great place to live, work, and play.  It is no wonder Young Dentistry for Children loves working nearby. 

Young Dentistry for Children

Young Dentistry for Children is the best Pediatric Dentist in Northglenn due to their continued pledge to care for your child throughout his or her developing life.  All Westminster pediatric dentists have received extensive specialized training to provide the best care for your children, regardless of their struggles.  Our pediatric dentists go the extra mile to ensure the best medical procedures and coordinate with your child’s other medical providers to ensure overall well-being.

Young Dentistry for Children has considerable experience treating pediatric dental emergencies.  Dental emergencies are always distressing for both children and parents, but are also very common.  This isn’t much of a surprise, considering the active lives kids enjoy.  The first priority in emergency pediatric dentistry is to reduce oral pain. Once that pain is managed, we can then move on to restoring the tooth or treating the source of the pain. Comfort is always a top priority.  All of our dentists maintain hospital privileges at The Children’s Hospital of Colorado, in the event treatment with general anesthesia is needed. In-office treatment includes the use of nitrous oxide/oxygen for children’s comfort.

E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park near Young Dentistry for Children

Award-winning E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park is one of the most popular parks in the North Metro area and only a 5-minute drive from Young Dentistry for Children.  It is spread over 28 acres of open lawn that encircle a charming lake.  Picnic tables and several large pavilions are available for your next party.  There are playgrounds, multi-sport fields, and a basketball court.  And if you are feeling especially adventurous, pedal boats and kayaks are available for rental.  Webster lake is full of a variety of freshwater fish that anglers can try to bait from shore or from a boat.  And if that isn’t everything your heart desires, there is also Don Anema Memorial Skatepark open from 5 10 p.m. every day.  Be sure to wear your helmets and mouthguards!

Young Dentistry for Children - Colorado Pediatric Dentist -