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All About Olde Town Arvada

Arvada, CO is neatly located between the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and a mere 20 minutes from the city of Denver.  Its claim to fame is being the location of the first documented gold strike in the US on June 22, 1850, and is subsequently listed on the National Register of Historic Districts.  Because of this rich history, Olde Town Arvada has become an incredible model for preservation.  The town still maintains the original grid layout of the 19th century and is bursting with historic architecture, quaint churches, and charm.        

Residents of Arvada put a great emphasis on sustainability and conservation.  It is not unknown to get a small discount in certain restaurants if you travel there by bike.  Global visitors are drawn to its small-town USA feel with a bubbling festival vibe.  The streets are lined with cute mom-and-pop shops, breweries, and hundreds of restaurants usually full of live music on weekend nights.  It is a wonderful, affable place to hang out with family and friends or just walking the dogs.


Living and working near Olde Town Arvada

Families choose Arvada because of the chill, laid-back feeling, high quality of life, and stunning vistas.  Arvada is a friendly family-oriented area that has very low crime and unemployment rates.  Arvada has a strong sense of community where neighbors celebrate their heritage through street parties, outdoor concerts, and festivals.  And being only 20 minutes from Denver, it is a great location for commuters, without losing the small-town feel.  In 2019 the Gold Line Rail from Denver arrived in central Arvada, making commuting to the big city much quicker.


Young Dentistry for Children near Arvada

Young Dentistry for Children is the best Pediatric Dentist near Olde Town Arvada.  They know the importance of a familiar face.  Therefore, our pediatric dentists stay active members of the community.  They are your neighbors and strive to provide the best care for your children, all the way up to the late teenage years.  Our pediatric dentists go the extra mile to ensure the best medical procedures and coordinate with your child’s other medical providers to ensure overall well-being and comfort.

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist Recommends Scrumptious Ice Cream Parlor & Candy Shop!

Scrumptious is a local micro-creamery and candy shop in Olde Town Arvada that is difficult for anyone to pass over!  The eclectic decor is a mixed vibe of old-timey and 1950’s soda shops.  All ice cream is made in-store with natural ingredients which is sure to have your taste buds beaming.  Lactose intolerant folks need not fear; Scrumptious offers many tasty arrays of sorbets.  Just ask the local pediatric dentist, Dr. Jill Decker…

“A dentist recommending a candy/ice cream shop?! Remember it’s all about moderation and the texture (think NO STICKY!!). So many yummy flavors of homemade ice cream and plenty of chocolate confections from which to choose at Scrumptious!  Any time of year, it’s a tasty end to a night of local dining or following a stroll through the neighborhood.”