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Living in Quail Hill Colorado

Quail Hill is one of many great neighborhoods of North Westminster.  It is a family-friendly and upscale neighborhood that sits just north of W. 144th Avenue and west of Huron Street.  Quail Hill is a small community of working professionals with families.  The tree-lined neighborhood is full of large elegant houses and sprawling immaculate lots anyone would love to call home.

Working in Quail Hill Colorado

The Orchard Town Center just west of Quail Hill is a beautiful shopping center that offers great mountain views with outdoor fireplace seating areas. It encircles a children’s play area and even offers a splash pad for kids in the warmer months.  It is by far the best shopping, dining, and entertainment destination in the area.  And with over 90 specialty retailers, along with a great selection of restaurants and entertainment, there is no shortage of job opportunities.  Young Dentistry for Children loves working near Quail Hill because it is the best of both worlds. 

Young Dentistry for Children & Emergency Pediatric Dentistry

Young Dentistry for Children is the Best Pediatric Dentist in Quail Hill due to their considerable experience in Emergency Pediatric Dentistry.  Dental emergencies are difficult for both children and parents but are also very common.  It isn’t much of a surprise considering the active lives kids enjoy.  The first priority in emergency pediatric dentistry is to reduce oral pain. Once that pain is managed, our pediatric dentists can move on to restoring the tooth or treating the source of the pain. Comfort is always a top priority.  All of our dentists maintain hospital privileges at The Children’s Hospital of Colorado, in case general anesthesia is needed to complete treatment. When treatment is provided in the office, nitrous oxide and oxygen are utilized, for the patient’s comfort.

McKay Lake Park and Open Lands near Young Dentistry for Children

After your appointment with Young Dentistry for Children, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the 43.8 acres McKay Lake Park and Open Lands, only a 7-minute drive away.  Your kids will love the free-form play area that mimics nature.  All the structures are built with natural materials that blend into the landscape.  You will not find the typical metal slide and monkey bars there, but rather the beaver dam, raptor’s nest, prairie dog tunnels, and even a fossil dig amongst many many more.  The site was a thoughtful collaboration of the park department and the community it serves.  They made certain that all children could play by adding adapted areas for those with mobility or cognitive disabilities.  Because it is important for every child to interact with each other and do exactly what all kids want to do: play.

And if that’s not enough, try out the Broomfield McKay Lake bike track just next door.  There are three levels of difficulty: a small track for the novices, a medium track for skill-building, and an advanced track for catching major air and the envy of all your friends.  Your pediatric dentist requires a helmet at all times!  Wait, there is more.  Just over the berm is McKay Lake, with a hiking trail around the perimeter, allowing for fishing and kayaking.

Young Dentistry for Children - Colorado Pediatric Dentist -
Young Dentistry for Children - Colorado Pediatric Dentist -