Children with special health or behavioral needs require practitioners with experience and knowledge. A pediatric dentist’s postdoctoral specialty training includes extensive work with children who have medical, developmental, physical, sensory, or cognitive impairments. Our doctors and staff partner with parents for considerate, thoughtful, and compassionate approaches to care and accommodations are made, according to the child’s needs. Emphasis is placed on prevention of dental problems and in creating a comfortable experience for special needs children. From the offer to tour the office in advance of the initial appointment, to seeing the same dentist each visit, the child often gains confidence and feels secure. When indicated, hospital dentistry, and utilizing general anesthesia to accomplish restorative dental treatment is accessible. Well-versed in treating children with autism, sensory challenges, and congenital conditions, the doctors are trained in multidisciplinary efforts, often coordinating care with other specialists to optimize the overall health of the child.

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